DJ78: Playing with the Past (Part 1)

It was and still is very common for Record Companies to promote their latest releases through in-store posters, flyers and record catalogues. These publications were often only printed in small quantities and they would usually be thrown away as soon as the latest and more up to date catalogue had presented itself. It reached the number 1 position on Billboard and number 2 in the UK. Elvis Presley had arrived with a bang! This record was actually released to the public the previous month. The release of this Elvis single gets a more prominent mention when compared to the first time he appeared in the HMV catalog: Elvis shares the bottom half of a text-box with major recording star Perry Como. Blue Suede Shoes reached the number 20 position on Billboard, while it climbed up to the number 9 spot in the UK. Here we have a rare pamphlet from June,

Leopold Stokowski – Chronological Discography

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HMV Gramophone dating from approx to the ‘s. This lovely player is over 90 years old bu.

NOTES Matrices and takes leftmost column within each recording session are arranged vertically in the order in which they were known to be recorded. Only some microgroove reissues are shown. Guide to Microgroove Re-issues: Labels, Abbreviations, Issue number prefixes Issue numbers in parentheses were assigned but not issued. All Pearl a non-parent company microgroove re-issues are shown in the chronological listings below.

A summary of Pearl vinyl reissues and Pearl CD reissues is also available. All compact disc re-issues known to the editor are shown in the chronological listing. The contents of each specific compact disc may also be consulted. Such takes that have been re-issued on vinyl or CD are shown as published recordings but with no 78 rpm entries. In such cases it is understood that one or more test pressings exist from which the re-issue is derived.

More complete information on composers, lyricists, arrangements, opus numbers, etc. The last session was notable for being recorded in comparative high fidelity, although only one take is known to exist and was not published until after the centenary of McCormack’s birth. McCormack did not record again until May 27, in the UK. He never again made studio recordings in the United States.


Between and , some , different recordings were made. Recording sessions supervised by the first eight recordists of the Gramophone Company and its successors account for nearly , of these recordings. A method obviously was needed to give each plate a positive and unique identification.

gramophone records and a batch of 78 shellac records dating back to the early part Dave’s fascination with gramophones and 78 records began when he and his “We went past an antiques shop and saw this HMV

Check out the Internet Archive when you have some hours to kill, link below Does anybody else in the group buy and play 78 rpm records? If so, do you play them on vintage equipment? I do and I love it! I went to his house on Saturday Sept. Turned out the guy is a record dealer and he wasn’t able to sell these anywhere he went.

History of Canadian record companies

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Second Hand Quality and Professionally Cleaned 78 RPM Shellac Records of Recording date ca. The recording was first issued as HMV 78s DB

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An updated and edited version of the article which appeared in Classic Record Collector magazine in the Winter edition. By kind permission of the Editor. Of all the tasks to be carried out when transferring 78rpm discs, perhaps the most difficult and potentially contentious is that of pitching the recordings correctly.

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Jump to navigation. What makes a record rare? Broadly, a record is sought after by collectors when it falls into one of the following categories:. Collector Vijay Nafrey who boasts that every record in his collection approximately 6, old 78s is a rare gem, mentions films like Ladli and Lajawab and P. Santoshi’s Sangeeta as priceless, since the negatives of the films were burnt a long time ago.

Another avid collector, R. Srinivasan, possesses the ultimate in antique records. Referred to as white labelled records, these were never released in the market. Srinivasan holds two 78s of Sadiq’s Saiyan. Rumours have it that the producer Sadiq and the music director Sajjad had a difference of opinion and the regards were not released.

The only records that exist are the few that the recording company made as samples.

Speeds and pitching of 78rpm gramophone records

Columbia B. Columbia Graphophone “Toy” Columbia began selling disc records and phonographs in addition to the cylinder system in , preceded only by their “Toy Graphophone” of , which used small, vertically-cut records. For a decade, Columbia competed with both the Edison Phonograph Company cylinders and the Victor Talking Machine Company disc records as one of the top three names in American recorded sound.

Despite this long preamble, I’ve never found a Japanese 78rpm disc that and lasted approximately three years, with HMV recording artists like Siti binti Saad of Khans were recorded on 78 rpm records, dating to the very earliest recording.

Search our index for information on classical and popular 78rpm recordings from HMV, RCA, Victor, Brunswick and Columbia as well as other record companies from the 78rpm era…. See our blog for the latest additions, changes and developments regarding this major project. Do you have a discography you’d like to add to this free, research project? Contact us. The following reference materials were researched for the preparation of this index:.

It’s like FaceBook – but for collectors of all things 78rpm related. The content of this section of our index has been generated mostly from an on-going wiki project innitiated by the 78rpm Community. Sidebar [Skip] Featured Recording: This browser cannot play the embedded audio file. Site Blog See our blog for the latest additions, changes and developments regarding this major project.

Contribute to Project.. Can you help us? Sources The following reference materials were researched for the preparation of this index: The World’s Encyclopaedia of Recorded Music – W. Currently, this section of the index contains the indices of the following 78rpm record labels: H.

78s We Buy

Note the microphone suspended from wires. It appears to include the famous Western Electric condenser microphone invented by Edward C. Wente of Bell Laboratories.

the latest (and more up to date) catalogue had presented itself. In this article we take a chronological look at how Elvis’ records (78 and 45 RPM singles, EP’s,​.

Please email. Lists of individual 78s and cylinders for sale will resume during October. My famous “Record Boxes” – bulk buys but not Junk! A ready made selection of 78’s. Please note that each Box doesn’t contain rarities, but neither any that I’d call “very common. You can collect in person, with advance notice.

Popular pre : 78s from c to , popular singers, instrumentalists of stage, radio etc. Classical vocal 78rpm records.

Speeds on shellac records

In addition, the authors described the various designs of labels used. They listed 17 types. In April , by way of a small tribute to Frank and Ernie, I decided to try to compile a set of these 17 types for this website. Rainer Lotz Germany and Mike Thomas, progress was rapidly made. However, it also became clear that it was difficult to confine the label design just to seventeen broad types.

VOCAL 78 rpm Discs. Minimum bid as 12” PW Plum HMV C [CcIV/​CcII]. dating from , are particular collector prizes.

Some of this history is cloudy. Some also suggest that while in the U. Interest waned during the run-up to the World War II, and it was forgotten in the country until the s, when it became a popular instrument once again, directly marketed toward middle-aged women. Like its ancestor, its history is also muddy. The South Asian version has two sets of strings — one set for melody, which is what the keys hammer, and another set of tuned drone strings.

Examples are all very rare, and recorded in the s, featuring instrumental performances by artists such as Jagannath Mohile, K. Fans of CDs of 60s Zanzibari and Kenyan music may recognize it instantly. East African taarab music had been sporadically recorded in the early 20th century. The first major burst began in and lasted approximately three years, with HMV recording artists like Siti binti Saad and her group, Columbia recording in Zanzibar, and Odeon recording in Mombasa.

After the early s, there was a major recording lull in East Africa. Up to that point, the taarab music recorded was more traditional, principally featuring oud, violin, and darabukka drum.

Lower India – from Meerut – RAGA BHAIRAVI (Pre 1930)

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