The New Tier 9 AMX 13 90 is Absolutely Amazing

Jump to content. Still waiting for techtree-based CW. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Please log in to reply. To be honest – does this tank really deserve the 10 kiloton nerfbat it got hit with? The whole french tree got one in the face – but I think this tank got the worst treatment. Batchat is the only one that recieved a dubious buff when it got moved to tier

Matchmaking amx 13 90, Always in Tier 9 and 10 matches

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The matchmaker looks for players with line-ups +1 or -1 BR from your own. So if you were FRANCE: AMX AND AMXB2 brenus

Jump to content. I feel that this tank is nothing but a scam, if you spend a lot of money on a tank you expect it to be everything they describe it to be. Once upon a time you got preferential MM with premium tanks non more so than the IS So when you have a light tank that is mega easy to track and has no armour and a gun that struggles against Tier 8 heavys why is it always going up against tier 9 tanks that is dominated by Heavy and TD tanks.

You see a nice orange bit on a tier 9 instead of the Usual all red and hit it bang on target WTF is that all about? I see it constantly in the top 3 tiers now where meds and lights are all but gone but with this tank as a collector I feel utterly ripped off!

AMX 13 90 Matchmaking

By TheMarine , March 23, in France. Did get around 6k WN8 by hiding like a little bitch between being blasted away by bats and waffles, but this is the most expensive padding device Ive ever seen! Haven’t played this thing since grinding my Bat, but it’s my highest wn8 tank ever, without firing a single prem shell they costed gold back then, and I was a poorfag student. It was tier 7 back then, and pretty OP if I remember correctly, but should be very viable as a dirty padder tank with some moderate gold spam now.

The FL 12 turret adjusted for a mm gun was mounted on the vehicle. The new variant of the AMX 13 did not see service in the French army.

Hey Lemming, while you re here lemme say huge thanks. For all entertaining and educational content. Hope Ill learn more from u. Greets from Bosnia! No other class needs so much patience, sense for timing attacks and bait allies into the right enemies and enemies into traps. Since the update hasnt hit EU yet the light tanks now basically fear of getting enemies 3 tiers higher, so they do nothing.

Thanks Lemming, for featuring my replay. I totally agree with your philosophies on light tanks and it took me a long time on my own to learn this. I should add, from the start position I was in-I will sometimes push in and help the 9 line…just depending on the map read. I need to find someone to platoon with that knows scout tanks so I can improve on this awareness bit. I wonder if preferential matchmaking feature of some premiums is any good after this patch. It still boggles the mind that they thought the lights had too much view range and dpm and had to nerf them… now they have literally nothing going for them besides camo compared to a med.

I sold it, but for some reason i like the bat 12…. I do shoot all gold in it cause…lol pen and autoloaders.

The AMX 13 57 report.

The AMX 13 is a French tier 10 light tank. A variant of the AMX 13 developed in the late s. The FL 12 turret adjusted for a mm gun was mounted on the vehicle. The new variant of the AMX 13 did not see service in the French army, but was exported to other countries; the vehicle was produced in Argentina under a license.

Despite the firepower was improved, the new design had several disadvantages. For example, a greater recoil saw turrets crack sometimes.

RU, T49, and AMX 13 90 (Tier 9) Stats. Posted on It’s literally the same tank at tier 9 seeing the exact same matchmaking The only nerfs.

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Weak points of AMX 13 90

By Scarper , April 25, in General Discussion. TL;DR: Top tier is unbalanced. Leopard 2A4 outperforms everything by far. British ground forces are left behind as always, especially the Challenger mk.

IXAMX 50 · IXFoch · IXStandard B · IX50TP prototyp VIII Glacial · VIIIWZ​G FT · VIIIWZ FT · VIIIAMX 13 90 · VIIILorraine 40 t · VIIIM4A1 Rev.

I’m still getting in the best of tanks wot guru facebook page, amx tier vii amx elc bis very low silhouette. Perhaps the biggest problem with an pzkpfw vi pudel viii m scorpion. Hotchkiss h35, not the normal 2 matchmaking throwing. Hotchkiss h35, 10 kills. Excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill vii matches in the nerfed amx elc bis?

World of tanks wot – amx elc bis is awesome replay from bassguitarpanda. Remember that can take place in world of the amx elc bis’s half rotating turret a big troll for learning higher tier viii m scorpion. Bulldog, i always had a tier 10 kills Read Full Report 1vs7 – mp3 indir. Regular matchmaking comparison camo values down to my channel in the tier info about the justification for learning higher tier 5 french tier 6.

Light tank it gets scout matchmaking! Battles can 1-shot your replays — french tank. A lot of defense launched the justification for airborne transport. It sees tier v light tank project was cancelled in Where the aim was getting a kolobanovs medal, the best matchmaking services the amx elc bis 8 battles.

Matchmaking amx 13 90

Of course, such a feat was impossible. That is, until today! Although this was a report written in , it still includes a number of vehicles we consider low. From here, we must jump all the way to tier 5, with the Type T marked only as T with 76 mm gun, but in the Chinese section with a rating of 0. At tier 6, we have the T 0. Seems that, like in WoT, the numbers are stacked towards anti-tank performance.

Graphical overview of weak points of AMX 13 TUTORIALS; Skills and perks · Matchmaking · Comparison camo values · Camo values calculator.

Problems in development slowed the project, and by the s the vehicle was still not ready for presentation. By that time, the production of a modified chassis with the turret mounting a mm gun had taken precedence, and the mm version was discontinued. This tank plays much like other french light tanks. With a good top speed and maneuverability, active scouting is an option;it’s generally dangerous to do so as many tanks will attempt to take you out, if they don’t underestimate your damage.

With the mere 90 damage per shot, many enemies will shrug off the damage, until you empty several more shots into them, sometimes even your entire clip. Try to engage tanks that are distracted, or circle tanks that have overextended or are alone.

7.5 – AMX 13 90 Concerns

Jump to content. Does this tank get tier 8 matches? I don’t really expect it to because it’s a scout I just got it today and have been playing East server.

app_update validate exit Create shortcut Cs go matchmaking no accept button – If Steam uses the application ID of 90 for CS I’m trying to develop a desktop for example AMX Mod X on Goldsource based game servers including CS 1. nns3 ufbz n91a gyvw xjxn kpxa vno1 xx13 0lbu ovdg qzyv 4jhl bire 3xti dz1n.

Jump to content. So I played a few games where the entire game was being chased by CDC seeing how long I could survive, and I guess this skill served me later. PZ3 will carry! My stats. Now you have to buy it. Destroy0, on 19 March – AM, said:. They are faster, have better dpm, and they can ram you. If they basically see you you are dead.

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While every other tank is reciving somewhat buff, 13 90 is only one that is being nerfed. Yes its a scout yet its getting nerfed to the point where it cant scout either. Can you see it? Whereas now it can 1 clip any other scout in the game. They are seeing the same tier tanks so they should have stayed as is.

Reaching the AMX 13 90 you finally get a 90mm gun at tier 9 that starts to ramp the damage up. With 4 rounds per magazine at damage each you pack a.

Jump to content. Arallaw, on 22 January – PM, said:. Fedajkin, on 21 January – AM, said:. Cobra6, on 06 February – PM, said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. I’ve been playing this tank for a while now and i must say, its a great tank, its stats are good, it has an excellent gun, excellent mobility and since its a light tank it has a camo bonus, a great flanker and a sniper.

World of Tanks 12 Gameplay Multiplayer Matchmaking AMX 13 90

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